Girls Gone Boss

Randa Quraan: Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Episode Summary

Although her background is in Pre-Law, Randa has taken her public relations and social media niche to a structured modern system that works. Randa is a serial entrepreneur, and she is the founder of 'Socially Loud' a social media marketing agency located in Dania Beach, FL. She is also the founder of 'An Empowered You' an annual sneaker ball with one mission in mind to empower and motivate others to reach their full potential in life. Her strength lies in being able to bring together some of the finest in the industry. When she is not developing brands, motivating others, or writing her first book, she is a single mother to her three daughters, Samyra, Jazlynn, and Leilani. Her heart lies in helping others and being part of as many community outreach events as possible. When you ask her where do you see yourself over the course of the next few years her response is simple “ I want to travel the world and make an impact on at least one person in every state and country.” In this episode Randa shares with us about her time growing up in New York, becoming a mom, changing career paths and finding her way in entrepreneurship. Randa currently resides in Florida and is working on the upcoming AWOM Gala helping to raise funds for the AWOM Foundation founded by her dear friend @sarahakiba. To learn more about Randa follow her @randsquraan on Instagram and to get tickets to AWOM Gala visit Thanks for listening! We love you! Alex & Gaby