Girls Gone Boss

Erika Hernandez: Latina Made Not Maid

Episode Summary

Erika Hernandez is Cuban-American, an event marketer, a philanthropist, a mother, and a creative powerhouse at heart! Originally from Hudson County, NJ. Erika moved to Florida in search of a better work-life balance for her and her family. Currently, she is the event marketing manager at BoxyCharm where she plans and executes events throughout the country. On March 2017, Erika’s good friend suggested a slogan to print on a tshirt “Latina Made” for an upcoming speaking event. In that google search she not only realized no one had trademarked the slogan but she was astonished by what the search engines revealed. Erika came face to face with the reality of the stigma behind such a powerful phrase and from there Latina Made Not Maid was born alongside her longtime friend and co-founder Ana Martinez. In this episode Erika shares her mission to change the algorithms by highlighting Latina women who have MADE it and break the stigma behind the Latina Maid. You can keep in touch with Erika @lifebyerika and follow @latinamadenomaid. Also, leave us a review or drop us a line on DM we love to hear from you! Love, Alex & Gaby