Girls Gone Boss

Amy Lynne Hayes: Co-Founder of The Global Creator Studio

Episode Summary

Amy Hayes knows what it's like to be a multi-passionate person with a ton of ideas. From artist and interior designer, to freelance writer, to web designer and now business coach, Amy uses everything she's learned along her journey to help other entrepreneurs narrow in on their best idea, and build a business that allows them the freedom they crave without the overwhelm. The Global Creator name is the English translation of her now retired travel blog, Créatrice Mondial, which no one could remember, never mind pronounce. It started as an online boutique launched in 2016, and when people started asking her for help with websites and branding, she launched a sister company called The Global Creator Studio. She pulled her sister, Katie, in as her business partner, and what they found is that before business owners needed a fancy website or a big branding package, they needed to figure out what exactly they were doing. The sisters created The GC Method, their 3-step process helps other entrepreneurs beat shiny object syndrome and focus on one idea or one goal so they can form a strategy, streamline their business model, and start taking radical action now. Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think @girlsgoneboss All the best, Alex and Gaby

Episode Notes

Here's the link to the 30-Day Action Plan that Amy mentions in the show:

It's also available on the website right on the home page.

And here's the link to the Business Without Boundaries FB group: